Dorchester’s New Year’s Resolution, 1927

A few years ago Peter Stevens spent some time with The Dorcester Beacon’s papers printed in and around the turn of 1926 to 1927, now 84 years gone. He published his finds in the Dorchester Reporter, among them a set of the New Year’s wishes published on New Year’s Day, 1927. The editors’ communal resolutions for the city for the new year included:

“That some of our advertisers have recovered from their writer’s cramp and can send us a check.

“That the Dorchester Board of Trade in 1927 will accomplish something that will benefit the community.

“That the Boston Elevated Railroad will someday be able to adjust its car service to the satisfaction of everyone, particularly at the Andrew Square Station, where things are getting worse.”That the police department will speedily cope with the so-called crime wave, which may exist in some places, but not in Dorchester.

“That motorists using Dorchester Avenue (which has been known as Death Avenue) will remember that little children will cross a street at anytime. The same thing holds true on all other Dorchester streets.

“That business conditions locally will improve, thus filling up the hundreds of vacant stores in the district.

“That our newly elected public officials will this year accomplish something worthwhile on Beacon Hill. Even a graphaphone can say ‘Yes’ and ‘No.'”

Above: Ice Skaters on Jamaica Pond, 1930.

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