So long, Frank Lloyd Wright Jr.

Drawing for the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Erickson.

Perhaps this is more of a spring post, or just wishful thinking.

But a quick post on the Boston sojourn of a famous architect’s next-of-kin. Frank Lloyd Wright Jr., embarked on his first work apart from his famous father as an apprentice with the Olmsted Brothers. This was the firm of the famous landscape artist, Frederick Law Olmsted. The brief period of Wright’s apprenticeship with the shop in the 1910s came between several years spent at the University of Wisconsin — before he, like his father, dropped out– and a move to California. Wright Jr.’s time chez Olmsted was appropriate for an architect whose reputation would be based on his understanding of the interaction of architecture with the natural landscape.

Wright Jr. had begun drafting for his father at a young age. You can see his skill with a pen above. In his work with Olmsted’s firm, he specialized in horticulture and botany.

The Olmsted Brothers office, “Fairsted,” in Brookline, is currently undergoing a major renovation, with a reopening date set for sometime in 2011.


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