A visit to the farmer’s market in 1973

People at outdoor Food Market at Haymarket Square, bostonErnst Halberstadt, Outdoor Food Market at Haymarket Square, via US National Archives.

The third installment of a series on photos from the DOCUMERICA project.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s DOCUMERCIA project was focused on areas of environmental concern and other land use tensions. Boston’s photographer, Michael Phillip Manheim exhaustively documented the the Neptune Road neighborhood of East Boston’s rocky proximity to Logan Airport. Photographer Halberstadt had a longstanding career of documenting poor urban housing conditions and precarious natural footholds in the city.

He contributed a series of photos to the project of the outdoor market at Haymarket Square, which had been saved from demolition to make way for the Central Artery (along with other parcels of the North End and Chinatown defended by the city) by neighborhood protests.

In other been there, done that news, Halberstadt also brings us this photo of an urban farmer tending his vegetables in one of the more than 400 plots tended in The Fenway Gardens, an outgrowth of World War II-era Victory Gardens, which still operate today.

man surrounded by vegetable plants on boston urban farm, 1973


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