The O’Neil Sisters’ Easter Parade

Photo via the Boston Irish Reporter

Julia Oliver O’Neil’s ten daughters sported matching outfits in every Commonwealth Avenue Easter Parade from 1940 to 1959. Julia, a native of Jamaica Plain, saved and scrimped to make the outfits herself each year, and present her daughters in style alongside the daughters of the city’s Yankee elite.

Photos of the O’Neil sisters appeared throughout the world, including on the cover of LIFE Magazine (see the great LIFE photos here, including the arrival of the sisters’ matching hats and gloves).

They even featured in a math textbook: What are the odds of having 10 girls in a row? (1-in-1,024).

The sisters appeared once more in the parade 1983. They have a WONDERFUL website full of photos and articles which you can find here. In 2007, they appeared in the Boston Globe, all grown up.


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