Governor Patrick presents Pat Patrick archives to Berklee

Governor Deval Patrick and his family are donating the archives of his late father, Pat Patrick to the Berkley College of Music. The Governor’s father was a baritone saxophonist, best known for playing with avant garde band leader Sun Ra, as part of the Sun Ra Arkestra. All About Jazz called the group “part science fiction, part vaudeville, part mystery cult–all of it subsumed in the effervescent joy and infernal power of a music that spanned big-band swing and conducted improvisation.”

Governor Deval Patrick grew up largely without his father and found out about his effects only recently.

“I got a call from a guy in East Moline who said he owned a storage facility,” the governor said. “He said the storage facility had been emptied out except for his papers and stuff and that he had on a couple of occasions thrown them away but then gone back to the Dumpster and got them out, because he just couldn’t bring himself to get rid of it.”

Patrick chose to give the items to a school in Massachusetts to have access to the collection. According to the Boston Globe, the collection will be presented to Berklee in a ceremony today.

Included are original scores and arrangements by Patrick and Ellington; hundreds of photographs and negatives of Patrick on tour, in the studio, with his family, and with associates such as Monk and Clark Terry; a ledger book from El Saturn Records, Ra’s label, in which Patrick tracked album sales from 1957-1959; a scrapbook of his music jobs in Chicago during the 1950s; and a recording of Patrick playing trumpet at 10.

I’ll be honest. The thing I want to hear most is the recording of Patrick at age 10. You can listen to and watch father and son here.




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