No Tea On New Year’s Day

January 11, 1768: The Boston Gazette, and Country Journal published an account of the New Year’s celebration of a Number of respectable Ladies of South Kingstown, Naragansett.

In case there were any doubts about New England’s puritanical roots, we are assured that “The whole Evenign was spend in a very mirthful, yet in the most decent, frugal and innocent Manner.”

Guests were served a ‘most genteel repast’ but you might have noticed the note that “no foreign tea…was set before them, nor was it expected.”

Though the steep tax on tea which led to the Boston Tea Party dumping tea shipments into Boston Harbor would not pass  for another five years, a levy on tea and other imported goods had already been laid down the year before, 1667. Protests against taxation would lead Great Britain to rewrite and withdraw a number of tax bills leading up to the 1773 Tea Act. The rest, as they say…


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